Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ڈاکٹر ابوالفاخر زین العابدین ابوالکلام

سابق صدرجمہوریہ ہند ڈاکٹر ابوالفاخر زین العابدین ابوالکلام کی رحلت
ان کی شخصیت میں غالباً اتنی خوبیاں تھیں جتنے میرے اندازے کے مطابق ان کے نام میں دیگر نام پہچانے جاتے تھے اور ان شخصیات کی خوبیاں
زین العابدین
جس سے میرے اندازے کے مطابق وہ بن گئے تھے
Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen "A. P. J." Abdul Kalam

Recently, there were two interesting articles written about him by Muslims reflecting on his tenure as a President:
A Necrology For APJ Abdul Kalam -- Abdul Majid Zargar
A President And A Yogi: Abdul Kalam’s Symbolism -- Farzana Versey

Saturday, July 25, 2015

معیاری عربی اردو تغرے

I find all those animated .gif images with text animation running on Urdu blogs not doing justice to the rich tradition of Perso-Arabic calligraphy or contemporary high resolution displays. On the other hand, the tuGHraas below are light weight in terms of both download size & computing requirements, hence very modern & futuristic - IMHO.
اسمائے حُسنیٰ = أسماء الحسنى

Khat-e-deewan and Urdu meaning - No background

With English meaning & white text shadow on black background

These animated calligraphic tuGHraas are scalable. They are fully customizable for content, font, shadow, color & background. I host these tuGHraas for everyone to use for FREE. These will automatically adapt to whatever small or larger space you have available on your website or blog.

With Urdu & English meaning & black shadow on yellow-to-blue background

It is very simple to get one of these running on your blog or website with little effort and no plugins. One just needs to point to one of these instead of the image (.gif) file. [Please reach out to me, if you need one that gels well with your beautiful site theme - for FREE.] I look forward to hearing feedback, queries or more requirements from one & all.

Transparent tuGHra With illuminated Allah in Arabic in the background